Frances Olive


Frances Olive’s writing has appeared in literary journals and anthologies in Australia, the UK and the US, including Overland, Cordite, Meniscus, Australian Poetry Journal, Award Winning Australian Writing, and Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry. Her work has been recognised in many competitions, including the Newcastle Poetry Prize, the Blake Poetry Prize, the Varuna Fellowship Program, and the ASA Emerging Writers’ Mentorship Program. She has held writing residencies at Varuna, Dunmoochin, and Laughing Waters. She completed her PhD in philosophy at the University of Sydney and is currently completing a Doctorate in Creative Arts at Western Sydney University.


Artist Statement

Words have always appeared to me as magical objects. Not quite things themselves, they invoke things, demand things, conjure things, and beautifully fail to mirror things. In my writing I draw on this evocative power of language. We experience the world (and words) as an excitation – a calling forth – in our bodies, our minds, our imaginations. I am interested in the constellations of experience which appear within this film of emotion, memory and corporeality.